Prep Transfer List

by Luc Smith & Zack Sandberg | Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Prep Transfer List

The final edition of the prep transfer list now includes over 350 names who are on the move in the prep ranks. Any additions or edits should be sent directly to Zack Sandberg or Luc Smith.

Also, stay tuned to NERR tomorrow, as Zack and Luc publish their list of the top 20 transfers into New England's borders. That will be followed by our annual prep profiles series as we continue to travel throughout the region, profiling the best programs in New England.

Incoming Post Grads:

Brendan Paul - from Hawken (OH) to Brewster (NH)
Anthony Cambo - from Miami Country Day (FL) to Brewster (NH)
Bing Huang - from Westlake (CA) to Brewster (NH)
BJ Shaw - from Bishop O’Dowd (CA) to Brewster (NH)
Derek Culver - from Harding (OH) to Brewster (NH)
Mees Van Leeuwen - from Neatherland’s (NDL) to Brewster (NH)
David DeMarcus - from Bryan Station (KY) to Bridgton (ME)
Charlie Considine - from Pembroke (MA) to Bridgton (ME)
Calvin Carter - from Enosberg (VT) to Bridgton (ME)
Connor Cullen - from Ankeny Centennial (IA) to Bridgton (ME)
Fardaws Aimaq - from Steveston London (CAN) to Bridgton (ME)
Chukka Mekkam - from Jesuit (OR) to Bridgton (ME)
Jake Tully - from Old Saybrook (CT) to Bridgton (ME)
Cam Keefe - from Silver Lake (MA) to Bridgton (ME)
Alex Ionesco - from Awty International (TX) to New Hampton (NH)
Mason Webb - from Bishop McGuinness (OK) to New Hampton (NH)
Brad Leventhal - from Churchill (MD) to New Hampton (NH)
Matt Glassman - from Lawrence Academy (MA) to New Hampton (NH)
Roy Grigsby - from Monarch (CO) to New Hampton (NH)
Rex Walters - from Spanish River (FL) to New Hampton (NH)
Noah Kirkwood - from Ashbury College (CAN) to Northfield Mount Hermon (MA)
Adam Hess - from Westlake (CA) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Adrien Nunez - from Bishop Loughlin (NY) to St. Thomas More (CT)
DJ Mitchell - from Immaculate Conception (NJ) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Everett Hammond - from St. Vincent Pallotti (MD) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Brandon Martin - from Cardinal Newman (SC) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Jack Sorenson - from Lakeville South (MN) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Ikcaven Curry - from Cleveland (TN) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Miles Tention - from Palo Alto (CA) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Taiga Kagitomi - from Tokyo (JPN) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Paul Aversa - from Christian Brothers (NY) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Marcus Friend - from Green Tech (NY) to Lee Academy (ME)
Jorden Means - from Archbishop Stepinac (NY) to Lee Academy (ME)
Kingsley Cockburn - from East Hartford (CT) to Lee Academy (ME)
Clay Westermann - from Christian Heritage (CT) to Lee Academy (ME)
Meikkel Murray - from Amherst Regional (MA) to Lee Academy (ME)
Tyler Sebastian - from Norwich Free (CT) to Lee Academy (ME)
Edgars Kaufmanis - from Valmiera (LAT) to Lee Academy (ME)
Craig Thompson - from Somersville (MA) to Bridgton (ME)
Jose Perez - from Wings (NY) to Putnam Science (CT)
Osun Osuniyi - from Mainland (NJ) to Putnam Science (CT)
Dan Ampofo - from Career (CT) to Putnam Science (CT)
EJ Robinson - from Gwynn Park (MD) to Putnam Science (CT)
Nick Brennen - from Iona Prep (NY) to Putnam Science (CT)
Madison McCall - from Rogers (RI) to Putnam Science (CT)
Kyle Lofton - from Union Catholic (NJ) to Putnam Science (CT)
Alex Morrow - from Tuscarora (MD) to Putnam Science (CT)
Cameron Gooden - from Lone Star (TX) to Putnam Science (CT)
Ibrahim Sylla - from GW Carver E&S (PA) to Putnam Science (CT)
Caleb Nero - from Memorial (OK) to Putnam Science (CT)
D’Andre Vilmar - from Roman Catholic (PA) to Redemption Christian (MA)
Darvin Lovette - from Jamesville-Dewitt (NY) to Redemption Christian (MA)
Kaiyem Cleary - from Loreto College (ENG) to Redemption Christian (MA)
Malik Zachery - from West Genesee (NY) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
Demarius Pitts - from Frederick Douglass (MD) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
Damarquis Henry - from Zion Benton (IN) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
Sharown Fowler - from West Springfield (MA) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
Jeric Cichon - from East Longmeadow (MA) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
Elijah Buchannon - from Mount St. Michael’s (NY) to Woodstock (CT)
Jakigh Dottin - from Cambridge Rindge & Latin (MA) to Woodstock (CT)
Courvoisier McCauley - from Manuel (IN) to Woodstock (CT)
Chaylyn Martin - from Weaver (CT) to Woodstock (CT)
Joe Kasperzyk - from Hillhouse (CT) to Woodstock (CT)
Dimon Carrigan - from Cambridge Rindge & Latin (MA) to Woodstock (CT)
Ej Dambreville - from Bridgewater - Raynham (MA) to Woodstock (CT)
Anthony Tyree - from Grove City (OH) to Woodstock (CT)
Tyrone Perry - Brighton (MA) to Woodstock (CT)
Marquis Moore - from Westchester (CA) to Woodstock (CT)
Tom Van Westendorp - from OSM Maarssen (NLD) to Woodstock (CT)
Luis Rodriguez - from Westchester (CA) to Woodstock (CT)
Jemearil Wilson - from Notre Dame (IL) to to Woodstock (CT)
Dion Harris - from Delaware Valley (PA) to Woodstock (CT)
Elijah Winston - from Oswego (IL) to Woodstock (CT)
Ryan Omslaer - from St. Peter’s Prep (NJ) to Woodstock (CT)
Dibaji Walker - Independence (OH) to Woodstock (CT)
Paul Kingsley - from St. Rita’s (IL) to Woodstock (CT)
Gedi Juozapaitis - from COLA (ENG) to Woodstock (CT)
James Mitchell - from COLA (ENG) to Woodstock (CT)
Javon Taylor - from Beaver Country Day (MA) to Bradford Christian (MA)
Abdul Ajia - from Shea (RI) to Bradford Christian (MA)
TJ Roundtree - from Hamden Hall (CT) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
William Ellis - from Queens Teaching (NY) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Kevin Buckley - from Winter Park (FL) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Aaron Burt - from Sunrise Christian (KS) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Joe D’Amico - from Old Tappan (NJ) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Etai Groff - from Shady Side Academy (PA) to Cushing Academy (MA)
Luke Hicks - from Shendowaka (NY) to Cushing Academy (MA)
Jordan Caruso - from Staten Island Academy (NY) to Gould Academy (ME)
Stephane Ingo - from Sainte- Famille (CAN) to Gould Academy (ME)
Theo Stamoulis - from Long Island Lutheran (NY) to Gould Academy (ME)
David Zhang - from Beijing (CHN) to Gould Academy (ME)
Nick Timberlake - from Braintree (MA) to Kimball Union (NH)
Austin Jones - from St. Paul’s Catholic (CT) to Master’s (CT)
Cameryn Givens - from McKinney (TX) to Master’s (CT)
Ian Krishnan - from Clarksburg (MD) to Proctor Academy (NH)
Josh Galloway - from Roy C. Ketcham (NY) to South Kent (CT)
Isaiah Hall - from St. Mary’s of the Assumption (NJ) to South Kent (CT)
Jaiyer Jinwright - from St. James Prep (MD) to South Kent (CT)
Tim Johnson - from Mansfield Timberview (TX) to South Kent (CT)
Dante Combs - from Michigan City (IN) to South Kent (CT)
Anthony Cooper - from Broad Run (VA) to South Kent (CT)
Chris Scaife - from Bishop Lynch (TX) to South Kent (CT)
Michael Griggs - from Cape Fear Christian (NC) to South Kent (CT)
Pierce Boczar - from Birch Wathen Lenox (NY) to South Kent (CT)
Gabe Joseph-Bryan - from Monsignor Scanlan (NY) to South Kent (CT)
Nevin Zink - from 22ft Academy (SC) to St. Andrew’s (RI)
Brandon Kolek - from Cumberland (RI) to St. Andrew’s (RI)
Dillon Grant - from Dennis-Yarmouth (MA) to St. Andrew’s (RI)
Jack Quinlevan - from Homestead (WI) to St. Andrew’s (RI)
Joey Glynn - from Portsmouth (NH) to Tilton (NH)
Christian Hinckson - from John Browne (NY) to Tilton (NH)
Cal Connelly - from Spaulding (NH) to Tilton (NH)
Charlie Deacon - from Trinity Christian (NH) to Tilton (NH)
Daishaun Woods - from Lone Star (TX) to Tilton (NH)
Cameron Parker - from Jesuit (OR) to Tilton (NH)
Thornton Scott - from Holy Trinity (NY) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Daniel Schreier - from Santa Monica (CA) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Alec Spence - from Mary Institute & St. Louis Country Day (MO) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Matt Carlin - from James Dewitt (NY) to Worcester Academy (MA)
Aaron Jaynes - from Framingham (MA) to Worcester Academy (MA)
Peter Galgano - from Trinity Catholic (CT) to Wilbraham and Monson (MA)
Jayden Nixon - from St. Anne’s- Belfield (VA)  to Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
Jake Sullivan - from Branford (CT) to Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
Nick Osarenren - from Governors (MA) to Deerfield (MA)
Marios Bourtzonis - from American Communities of Athens (GRC) to Deerfield (MA)
Will Townes - from Gonzaga Prep (MD) to Deerfield (MA)
Tavien Kemp - from Archbishop Walsh (NY) to Hotchkiss (CT)
Adria Amabilino Perez - Noel Baker School (ENG) to Hotchkiss (CT)
Douglas Paige - from Burke Catholic (NY) to Loomis Chaffee (CT)
KJ Harris - from McKinney North (TX) to Loomis Chaffee (CT)
Max Beati - from Andover (MA) to Phillips Andover (MA)
Sen Kenneally - from Morehead City (NC) to Phillips Exeter (NH)
Zach Stenglein - from Irondequoit (NY) to Phillips Exeter (NH)
Toni Rocak - from Swiss Central (SWI) to Phillips Exeter (NH)
Eric Anderson - from Oaks Christian (CA) to Phillips Exeter (NH)
Pat Harding - from Fairfield Prep (CT) to Suffield Academy (CT)
Jaden Robinson - from Mount St. Joseph’s (MD) to Suffield Academy (CT)
Bob Long - from Bridgewater- Raynham (MA) to Suffield Academy (CT)
Frank Lumaj - from Fairfield Ludlowe (CT) to Taft (CT)
Adam Drummond - from Neptune BC (IRL) to Taft (CT)
Josh McGettigan - from Pomperaug (CT) to Williston Northampton (MA)
Filip Rebraca - from Ralston Valley (CO) to Williston Northampton (MA)
Mike Manley - from Pleasantville (NY) to Williston Northampton (MA)
Michael Speight - from Wise (MD) to Canterbury (CT)
Kieffer Punter - from All Hallows (NY) to Canterbury (CT)
Manny Ansong - from Bordentown (NJ) to Canterbury (CT)
Allen Watson - from St. John’s Northwest Military Academy (WI) to Gunnery (CT)
Kayin Olajide - from Chelsea International School (NY) to Gunnery (CT)
Dhalyn Sanders-Dyer - from Holy Name (MA) to Marianapolis (CT)
Jahrell Spence - from Hartford Public (CT) to Watkinson (CT)
Fritz Gale - from Clinton (NY) to Westminster (CT)
Ken Jernigan - from Manchester (CT) to Combine Academy (GA)
Derrick Molden - from Manchester (CT) to Combine Academy (GA)
Raekwon Canty - from Manchester (CT) to Combine Academy (GA)
Eric Ayala - from Putnam Science (CT) to IMG (FL)
Ryan Miller - from Lawrence Academy (MA) to IMG (FL)
Sam’i Roe - from Hopkins Academy (MA) to Isaiah Christopher Academy (NJ)
Aurdric Sandoval - from Natick (MA) to Montverde (FL)
Kevin Fernandez - from Methuen (MA) to Scotland Campus Sports (PA)
Jeroen Frank Kales - from Lee Academy (ME) to Scotland Campus Sports (PA)
Ousmane Diop - from Sacred Heart (CT) to Perkiomen (PA)
Craig Preston - from Manchester Memorial (NH) to Spire Institute (OH)
Jared Simmons - from Newington (CT) to Spire Institute (OH)
Zak Swetye - from Darien (CT) to Washington Academy (NC)

Incoming Seniors (Not Reclassifying):

Isaiah Mucius - from St. James (MD) to Brewster Academy (NH)
Walter Ellis - from Adams (IN) to Brewster Academy (NH)
Buddy Boeheim - from Jamesville-Dewitt (NY) to Brewster Academy (NH)
Miles Norris - from Helix (CA) to Brewster Academy (NH)
Keenan Fitzmorris - from St. James (KS) to New Hampton (NH)
Kevin Amara - from Pontoise (FRA) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
Jon Kabongo - from Huntington Prep (WV) to Putnam Science (CT)
Kevin Anyanwu - from Dublin (IRL) to Redemption Christian (MA)
Josh Mballa - from Arlington Country Day (FL) to Putnam Science (CT)
Maksim Karvanen - from CSKA Moscow (RUS) to Woodstock (CT)
Chris Childs - from Wilbraham and Monson (MA) to Woodstock (CT)
Luke Magree - from South Pointe (AZ) to Woodstock (CT)
Skylar Kooyenga - from Warren Township (IL) to Woodstock (CT)
Isaiah Holmes - from Lowell Catholic (MA) to Bradford Christian (MA)
Evan Goldberg - from Canterbury (CT) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Victor Potter - from Monsignor Scanlan (NY) to South Kent (CT)
Derrick Herrick - from Lifestyle Christian (TX) to Phillips Andover (MA)
Michael Hardwick - from Springfield Commonwealth (MA) to East Hartford (CT)
TJ Harris - from Springfield Commonwealth (MA) to Catholic Memorial (MA)
Anthony Kelley - from Springfield Commonwealth (MA) to Springfield Central (MA)
Dev Burns - from CRU (NH) to New Mission (MA)
Angelo Stuart - from St. George's (RI) to Lincoln Academy (GA)
Filip Petrusev - from Avon Old Farms (CT) to Montverde (FL)
Arashma Parks - from Commonwealth (MA) to Phelps School (PA)

Repeat Juniors:

Ryan Salzberg - from Manlius (NY) to Bridgton (ME)
Mika Adams-Woods - from Bishop Ludden (NY) to New Hampton (NH)
Isa Maguire - from Lindbloom (IL) to Northfield Mount Hermon (MA)
Chavon George - from Windsor Locks (CT) to Putnam Science (CT)
Seth Thomas - from Norwich Free (CT) to Putnam Science (CT)
Robert Kralicek - from Fordham Prep (NY) to Woodstock (CT)
David Giuggio - from Tewksbury (MA) to Bradford Christian (MA)
Jordan Minor - from BC High (MA) to Brimmer and May (MA)
Eamon Fitzpatrick - from Hopkins (CT) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
John Kelly - from Fairfield Prep (CT) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Marco Barosi - from Grace Church (NY) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Jon Parenteau - from Xavier (CT) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Daniel Buie - from Troy (NY) to Gould Academy (ME)
Wildens Leveque - from Foxboro Charter (MA) to Gould Academy (ME)
Jesse Matthews - from Cheverus (ME) to Kimball Union (NH)
James Bouknight - from LaSalle (NY) to MacDuffie (MA)
Matt Niemczura - from Palmer (MA) to MacDuffie (MA)
Rakesh Tibby - from East Catholic (CT) to Master’s (CT)
Mykel Derring - from Brighton (MA) to Proctor Academy (NH)
Sam Okauru - from North Raleigh Christian (NC) to Tilton (NH)
Jack Scotnicki - from Champlain Valley Union (VT) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Seth Buchanan - from Bridgeport (MI) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Tyler Bertram - from Cooperstown (NY) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Deng Adiang - from Mansfield Mount Union (VT) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Antal Lee - from Toll Gate (RI) to Wilbraham and Monson (MA)
Manav Randhawa- from Pickerking HS (CAN) to Worcester Academy (MA)
Josh Ogundele - from Barking Abbey (ENG) to Worcester Academy (MA)
Hunter Jameson - from Coginchaug (CT) to Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
Matt Brady - from Francis Parker (CA) to Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
Jake Seeherman - from Riverside School (NY) to Milton Academy (MA)
Drew Thibeault - from Fitchburg (MA) to Milton Academy (MA)
Hogan Linzy - from Lafayette (MS) to Phillips Andover (MA)
Marko Mitrovic from Metro Prep (CAN) to Philips Exeter (NH)
Chris Kaneb - from The Benjamin School (FL) to St. Paul’s School (NH)
Alec McGovern - from Xavier (CT) to Suffield (CT)
CJ Redd - from Peekskill (NY) to Tabor (MA)
Connor Peterson - from Franklin (MA) to Tabor (MA)
Tyler Murphy - from Tiverton (RI) to Tabor (MA)
Michael Perry - from Bishop Feehan (MA) to Tabor (MA)
Michael Thornton - from Maynard (MA) to Holderness (NH)
Isaiah Williams - from East Hartford (CT) to Pomfret (CT)
Kevin Le - from Main South (MA) to Marianapolis (CT)
Julian Howell - from Cathedral (MA) to Middlesex (MA)
Liam Regan - from Medway (MA) to Rivers (MA)
Byron Breland - from Hillhouse (CT) to Hamden Hall (CT)
Christian Adams - from Hillhouse (CT) to Hamden Hall (CT)
Tim Dawson - from Notre Dame West Haven (CT) to Hamden Hall (CT)
Laqu Howard - from Brighton (MA) to Hyde (ME)
Steven Lora - from St. Raphael (RI) to Rocky Hill (RI)
Jay-Juan Hayes - from St. Raphael (RI) to Rocky Hill (RI)
Tedrick Wilcox - from Tolman (RI)  to Rocky Hill (RI)
Mohammed Danmola - from St. Raphael (RI) to Rocky Hill (RI)
Kyle Hoffman - from St. Peter’s (NY) to Westminster (CT)

Incoming Juniors (Not Reclassifying):

Sherif Kenney - from Rock Creek Christian (MD) to Brewster Academy (NH)
Joel Brown - from Aspire (AZ) to Brewster Academy (NH)
Bas Leyte - from Canarias Basketball Academy (ESP) to New Hampton (NH)
Ryan Greer- from The Lovett School (GA) to Northfield Mount Hermon (MA)
Luc Brittian - from Oak Hill (VA) to Putnam Science (CT)
James Lee - from Vanguard (FL) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
Daniel Dade - from Pope Francis (MA) to Woodstock (CT)
Tre Mitchell - from Elizabeth Forward (PA) to Woodstock (CT)
Selim Fofana - from Bernex (SWI) to Woodstock (CT)
Kamiri Smith - from Sacred Heart Cathedral (CA) to Woodstock (CT)
Anil Kubalic - from Turkey (TUR) to Woodstock (CT)
Jamaal Waters - from Canterbury (CT) to Cheshire Academy (CT)
Daman Tate - from St. Sebastian’s (MA) to Cushing (MA)
Kyle Murphy - from Weston (MA) to Cushing (MA)
Tanahj Pettway - from Putnam Science (CT) to MacDuffie (MA)
Max Kiehm - from Weston (MA) to Proctor (NH)
Pierry Joseph - from Legacy Christian Academy (TX) to Wilbraham and Monson (MA)
Szilveszter Palvolgyi - from Óbudai Kaszások (HUN) to Hotchkiss (CT)
Joe Pridgen - from Winchendon (MA) to Governors (MA)
Connor Ojerholm - from Nashoba Regional (MA) to Rivers (MA)
Jeremiah Barr - from Independence (TN) to Hyde (ME)
Chol Marial - from Cheshire Academy (CT) to IMG Academy (FL)
Javaris Hill - from Redemption Christian (MA) to Quality Education (NC)
Ray Wilson - from Kimball Union (NH) to Quality Education (NC)

Repeat Sophomores:

Dyondre Dominguez - from Tolman (RI) to New Hampton (NH)
Kerem Ozturk - from Anadolu Efes (TUR) to New Hampton (NH)
Jalen Duck - from St. Joseph’s (MA) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Jair Currie - from Green Tech (NY) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Bendji Pierre - from Kennedy (NJ) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
Devin Morales - from West Springfield (MA) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
Valentin Smith - from Fos Provence (FRA) to Springfield Commonwealth (MA)
Hassan Diarra - from Holy Cross (NY) to Putnam Science (CT)
Demarr Ashton-Langford - from St. Peter Marian (MA) to Putnam Science (CT)
Alpha Diallo - from Christ the King (NY) to Putnam Science (CT)
Kareem Reid - from John Browne (NY) to Putnam Science (CT)
Joey Merrill - from Pinkerton (NH) to Bradford Christian (MA)
Jordan Santos - from Trinity (NH) to Bradford Christian (MA)
Will Campbell - from Dublin (NH) to Cushing (MA)
Jaret Griffith - from Western Reserve (OH) to Gould Academy (ME)
Tyrone Victor - from Brockton (MA) to Kimball Union (NH)
Enoch Cheeks - from Mount Pleasant (RI) to Kimball Union (NH)
Spencer Aronson - from Holliston (MA) to Lawrence Academy (MA)
Taelon Martin - from Putnam Vocational (MA) to Master’s (CT)
Cairo McCroy - from Northwest Catholic (CT) to Master’s (CT)
Symir Torrence - from Syracuse Academy of Science (NY) to Vermont Academy (VT)
Liam Murphy- from Saugus (MA) to Wilbraham and Monson (MA)
Kyle Jenkins - from Xavier (CT) to Hotchkiss (CT)
Miles Brewster - from Poly Prep (NY) to Hotchkiss (CT)
Josh Menard - from East Catholic (CT) to Loomis Chaffee (CT)
Reece Brown - from Shenendehowa (NY) to Loomis Chaffee (CT)
Henry Mitchell - from Medway (MA) to Nobles (MA)
Matteo Whelton - from Venice (FL) to Phillips Andover (MA)
Lucas Grandison- from Berkeley (CA) to Phillips Exeter (NH)
Brandon Roughley - from Wahconnah (MA) to Salisbury (CT)
Justin Oliveras - from Hudson (NY) to Salisbury (CT)
Thomas MacEachron – from Bow High School (NH) to St. Paul’s School (NH)
Jay Reynolds - from Pinkerton (NH) to Suffield (CT)
Kai Kostmayer - from Pomperaug (CT) to Taft (CT)
Vondre Chase - from Watertown (MA) to Beaver Country Day (MA)
Ryan Michaels - from Fulton (NY) to Berkshire (MA)
David Basich - from Staples (CT) to Greens Farms Academy (CT)
Jon Hahami - from Wheatley School (NY) to Groton School (MA)
Aidan Carpenter - from Hamden (CT) to Hyde (ME)
Jalen Graham - from Norwich Free (CT) to Hyde (ME)
Deandre Ortiz - from Winchendon (MA) to Marianapolis (CT)
Jayden Dummett - from AMSA (MA) to St. George’s (RI)
Carter Dummett - from AMSA (MA) to St. George’s (RI)
Samuel Adeusi - from Holy Name (MA) to St. George’s (RI)

Incoming Sophomores (Not Reclassifying):

Anthony Thomas - from Springbrook (MD) to Putnam Science Academy (CT)
Jaylen Smith - from Rectory (CT) to Cushing (MA)
Matt Cross - from St. Mary’s (MA) to Cushing Academy (MA)
Richard Springs - from Bishop Loughlin (NY) to MacDuffie (MA)
Terrell Jarvis - from Rumley Hall (CT) to Avon Old Farms (CT)
Steven Ward - from Boston Latin (MA) to Beaver Country Day (MA)
Justin Barron - from Kingwood Oxford (CT) to Lawrence Academy (MA)
Noah Sochaczevski - from Westmount (CAN) to Proctor (NH)
Myles Foster - from Fessenden (MA) to Brooks (MA)
Noah Kanfer - from Staples (CT) to Greens Farms (CT)
Anthony Smith - from Whitinsville Christian (MA) to St. George’s (RI)
Aiden Rountree - from Hamden Hall (CT) to Hillhouse (CT)

Repeat Freshman:

Kekoa McArdle - from St. Joseph’s (MA) to Northfield Mount Hermon (MA)
Brett Hutchinson - from Notre Dame West Haven (CT) to Northfield Mount Hermon (MA)
Jack Lerner - from Poly Prep (NY) to Northfield Mount Hermon (MA)
Dylan Ahearn - from Marshfield (MA) to St. Andrew’s (RI)
Bennett Pitcher - from Eaglebrook (MA) to Deerfield Academy (MA)
Lorenzo Biondo - from Fessenden (MA) to Deerfield (MA)
Max Grossman - from Poly Prep (NY) to Hotchkiss (CT)
Elliyas Delaire - from Granby (CT) to Loomis Chaffee (CT)
Gio Thompson - from Chapel Hill - Chauncey Hall (MA) to Beaver Country Day (MA)
Jacob Harris - from Brookline (MA) to Beaver Country Day (MA)
Muhamed Kante - Manchester Central (NH) to Holderness (NH)

Incoming Freshman (Not Reclassifying):

Tyshun Bryant - from Warwick (NY) to St. Thomas More (CT)
Zach Boulay - from Willamantic (CT) to Putnam Science (CT)
Brandon Wiercinski - from Groton (MA) to Lawrence Academy (MA)
Andre Johnson Jr. - from Blessed Sacrament (CT) to Master’s (CT)
Matt Constant - from St. Joseph’s (NH) to St. Andrew’s (RI)
Kyle Cuffe - from Harlem Village (NY) to Avon Old Farms (CT)
Blessing Agbonlaho - from Unreported to Taft School (CT)
CJ Mitchell - from Indian Mountain (CT) to Hotchkiss (CT)
Dylan Matchette - from Harborside (CT) to Hopkins (CT)
Chase Collyer - from St. Timothy’s (CT) to Loomis Chaffee (CT)
Philip Rosenthal - from Darien (CT) to Greens Farms (CT)
Jack Griills - from King School (CT) to Greens Farms (CT)
Tyrone Holloway Jr. from St. James School (CT) to Greens Farms (CT)
Jarrel Okorougo - from Stoneham (MA) to Rivers (MA)
Terrence Clarke - from Rectory (CT) to Rivers (MA)
Makai Murray - from Beacon Academy (MA) to St. George’s (RI)
Nasier Camp - from Davis Leadership (MA) to St. George’s (RI)
Ethan Augusto - from Dartmouth (MA) to St. George’s (RI)
Tavian Montanez-Ruff - from Slade Middle School (CT) to Westminster (CT)
Jahkai Washington - from Easton Country Day (CT) to St. Luke’s (CT)
Avery Brown - from Hamden Hall (CT) to Fairfield Prep (CT)
Luke Murphy - from Fairfield Country Day (CT) to Staples (CT)
Gabe Spinelli - from Hillside (MA) to Londonderry (NH)
Sheer Akot - from Hillside (MA) to St. James (MD)

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